6 Things a Professional Painting Company Will Do to Prepare Your Home Or Business

Prepping the exterior of your home for a paint job you can depend on requires more than just a quick once over scrub. In fact, the prepping stage is the most important part of the process. There are certain things you can expect from a reputable and professional painting company that non-professionals do not offer. A complete exterior assessment and preparation is one of them. Here are some of the things we do to prepare your home or business for painting and go the extra mile for our clients.


1. Full high-pressure clean of the surface

To start off, old paint and grime is stripped away using high-pressure water cleaning systems. Our on-site pros are trained to correctly assess the surface for faults and prior damage and an appropriate pressure is used to not worsen cracks or damage the underlying surface. Care is taken at all times to protect your property and the correct personal safety equipment and safety procedures are followed. Our staff are trained to recognize and deal with any potential hazards that may arise during this process such as structural decay and lead or asbestos handling.

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2. Stain and mildew treatment

Stains such as rust, mildew, oil and even smoke or fire damage are treated to ensure an even, uniform surface is achieved as a final result. Our staff are equipped to recognize and treat stains correctly and effectively with the appropriate cleaners and brushes. This is done with environmentally friendly products that release no toxic or lingering fumes and will cause no adverse effects in sensitive individuals.

3. Surface priming

The surface to be painted is then inspected for irregularities. Cracks, pits and fissures are sealed with caulk to ensure an even finish and prevent further cracking. The treated surface is then sanded for smoothness and pre-paint priming coats are applied, ensuring that your property’s new coat of paint lasts for the duration of its full potential.

4. Area preparation

To fully prepare your home for painting, a full preparation of the area is necessary. This includes cleaning the gutters and laying down protective sheeting to ensure your patio, walkways and sidewalks are protected from splatter. Protective measures are also taken to guard your plantings and lawn from any damage resulting from the traffic of our workmen.

5. Painting

As the painting commences, we further ensure the protection of your home, health and environment by using low VOC paint and non-toxic paint strippers. VOC’s or volatile organic compounds are substances that produce the hazardous fumes commonly associated with paint. Our low VOC paint means that these fumes will not be released into the environment or cause discomfort to you, your family or your customers.

6. Clearing the site

At the end of each day working on your property, the site is cleared and cleaned, ensuring as little inconvenience to you and your family or business as possible. After the completion of the job, a thorough cleaning is done including a window cleaning in order to return your home to a pristine condition to match its flattering new paint job. Off-site, any lead-based paint chips are correctly disposed of as hazardous material. Paint strippers and cleaning materials are also handled responsibly. Finally, you can enjoy your home or business’s new look secure in the knowledge that your painting demands are in excellent hands.