Commercial Painting: 6 Differences Great Painting Can Make for your Business

The quality of both your interior and exterior paint jobs are representations of your business. High quality craftsmanship and an educated selection of color and combinations of color represent an organisation with a high attention to detail and a flair for creativity. Good painting is also conducive to a happy, productive and professional environment that your employees can take pride in being a part of. In this article we’ll look at how great painting can give your Woodley Park, Washington DC business an edge over the competition.

Commercial Painting: 6 Differences Great Painting Can Make for your Woodley Park Washington DC Business

Eye-catching exteriors

A bold, striking facade not only represents the function and values of your company, but can also serve to lure in passersby. A color scheme that sets your shopfront apart from surrounding buildings also serves to set your shop apart from the competition. Incorporating the color scheme of your company’s logo, for example, is an effective way of reinforcing your brand. Weatherproof paint is also essential to maintaining your business’s smart new facade for years to come.

Calming colors for high-stress areas

We all know how stressful it can be to wait in a queue or a waiting room for an extended period when we’re thinking of our busy schedules. You can help take the edge off for your clients or customers by creating a soothing environment in which to wait. This can be done with the use of gentle color schemes. Pastel colors, blues and cooler shades are ideal for walls with a calming influence. Soft, warm shades of greens are also a good option to avoid creating a sterile, clinical feel.

Customer-friendly restrooms

Particularly if you’re in the restaurant or hospitality industry, you’ll want to create restrooms that are welcoming with a personalized flair. Consider a palette that is deep and rich while remaining complementary to the rest of your establishment. These create a sense of privacy with an air of luxury. Red and black, maroon, deep blues and charcoal are some options worth thinking about. Remember to choose an appropriate finish for easy cleaning. Satin and soft-gloss are good options for maintaining a hygienic sheen without creating too much glare.

Multi-purpose staff areas

Areas that provide your staff with a place to spend their breaks and refresh their minds can include both restful and stimulating colors. Vibrant colors like green-yellow, yellow and daring orange are some options for a lively space where staff can clear their heads of numbers and spreadsheets for a breather, while cooler colors are better for staff that might need to unwind from a demanding portion of their shift.

Productive Offices

For productive office space, distracting decor should be avoided, but that doesn’t have to mean sterile white and grey walls. In fact these colors have the opposite effect because of their dullness. Calming blues and greens are good for balancing productivity and the happiness of your employees, while yellow and yellow-greens are good for boosting creativity and inspiring fresh ideas.

On-floor Ambiance

In the hospitality industry particularly, where most of the action takes place on-floor, color that create a comfortable atmosphere for customers is desirable. Vibrant colors can create a social atmosphere for cafes and day-time restaurants, deep reds and blues a comfortable mood for evening dining and lounges while reds, blues and purples are ideal for a romantic environment. Whatever color scheme you go for, customers will be quick to pick up on details, making investing in high quality, professional painting an absolute necessity.