Maintaining the charm of your Washington DC Home with Custom Molding

One of the elements of interior design that make the neoclassical and colonial styles of Washington DC homes so unique, is the generous use of molding. Molding is a great tool for dressing up rooms, applying decorative details and creating optical illusions that raise or lower the height of your ceiling according to your taste. Unfortunately, in some older homes, plaster molding can begin to crumble and once elegant Roman trim can be reduced to powder. With our custom molding services, you can restore the elegance of your historical home to its former glory and even make a few additional visual statements.

Here are just some of the ways installing or restoring custom molding can benefit your home and add to its Washington, DC charm:


Plaster used in homes pre-1978 is notorious for containing asbestos. Replacing crumbling plaster molding with modern custom molding will not only restore the aesthetics of your home, but it is also essential for protecting you and your family’s health, as well as preserving the environment. As a result of this, many of the beautiful antique moldings have since been removed from Washington DC homes. Why not put back the traditional charm with our custom molding?

Raise or lower your ceilings

For homes with low ceilings, crown molding is the perfect tool to visually elevate your ceiling. This is done by having your molding the same color as your walls. This creates the impression of your walls extending to the height at which the molding reaches the ceiling. Conversely, your ceiling can be visually lowered by having your molding painted the same color as your ceiling. As an example, if your walls are cream-colored and your ceiling is white, white molding equals higher ceiling, cream molding equals lower ceiling. This is good for entrance halls and stairwells with high ceilings that can benefit from less height.


Achieve various decorative effects

Apart from the obvious character provided by ornately carved molding such as friezes depicting vines, leaves and cupids, even simple routed edging provides decorative effects that you may not be aware of. The carved lines and curves of molding are a means of creating variations, gradations and lines of shadow. This creates distinct lights and darks without the need for extra paint and fine brushwork. An entire lexicon has been invented to describe the various light-dark effects created. Many of the names hark back to the Classical Roman era from which the techniques are derived.

Give doors and windows greater visual impact

Colonial molding set around door frames makes for a bold effect that creates the impression of elegant opulence. As with using crown molding to raise or lower your ceiling, door frame molding can make your doorways appear wider and create the illusion of space. The same effect can be used to adorn fireplaces and windows. When applied to windows, a room’s sense of spaciousness can be dramatically increased.

Increase the value of your home

Molding is an excellent way to up the value of your home by contributing to a look of sophistication and affluence. It’s also a great way to accentuate your home’s original DC character and unique Washington neoclassical and colonial appeal.