Top 9 Things to Look for in the Right Painting Company for You

Choosing the right painting company entails more than just getting the first available person in to do the job. Here are some tips to help you make sure that your painting company is more than just a fly by night that will leave you with a substandard paint job.

1. Use of Biodegradable Paint Strippers

Non-biodegradable paint strippers are harmful to the environment and are seldom disposed of in the correct method by hack painting companies. Used turpentine, for example, is considered hazardous waste and yet is commonly poured down the drain by ignorant contractors. Instead, ensuring biodegradable paint strippers are used will allay this harmful possibility.

2. Use of High Quality Paints

Some painting companies try to cut costs by using cheaply produced, low quality paints. High quality paint is rich and bold in color, does not fade and covers the surface evenly and smoothly. The paint should also be non-toxic to protect you and your family.

3. Low or no VOCs

The supplies used by your painting company should also contain minimal or no VOCs. VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds, are substances that produce a high level of vapor at room temperature. One such chemical found in ordinary paint fumes is formaldehyde, a known air-passage irritant and carcinogen. Make sure your painting company limits the use of these chemicals.

4. No hazardous waste

Along with no VOCs, non-toxic paint and using biodegradable paint strippers, ensure that your painting company limits their production of hazardous waste and disposes of it in the correct and responsible manner, i.e. using hazardous waste disposal facilities, rather than pouring waste down the drain or disposing of it with regular waste.

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5. Detailed written estimates

Your painting company should provide detailed written estimates so that you can avoid or query hidden costs. A written estimate will also protect you should a dispute arise. 

6. Warranty

A two year warranty will provide the security of knowing that should you not be satisfied with the result of the work, you are protected from liability. Some paints can take up to 30 days to cure correctly, thereafter, it may also take some time for your new coat of paint to be exposed to a full range of weather conditions. Therefore, a minimum of one year is needed to be fully certain that a quality service was provided.

7. Professional and dedicated point person

The point person is essentially an ambassador of a company. These personnel should be highly trained in customer service and customer satisfaction. Very often, this is the company’s chance to put their best foot forward. A point person who is rude and unprofessional is a sure indication that the rest of your experience with that company will follow suit.

8. EPA Lead Safe Practices Certified

The Environmental Protection Agency has very clear outlines for repair, renovation and painting companies regarding existing lead-based paint. If your home was built prior to 1978, there is a high chance of some lead-based paint having been used in the past. A lead safe practices certification ensures that the contractors are trained and equipped to limit the danger of disturbing environmental lead.

9. Fully Licensed and Insured

It goes without saying that your painting company should be licensed to perform its function and insured so that you are protected from liability in the unlikely event that your property is damaged.