4 Color Schemes for your Home's Exterior

Much like an effective book cover, a successful exterior color scheme for a home creates a lasting impression, setting the tone for what may be contained inside without giving away too much. In choosing a color scheme for the outside of a home or business, it’s important to remember that the interior and exterior are not separate, but different aspects of the whole building. In order to create flow between indoor and outdoor spaces, the color schemes of each should be coordinated. At the same time, because an exterior color scheme contributes to the aesthetic of the entire street, colors used on the outside of a home can afford to be a little more subdued in order to not clash with the surrounding environment. With these things in mind, here are some fresh exterior color schemes for your NoMa, DC home that are sure to get the right kind of attention.

Deep blue and white

4 Color Schemes for your NoMa DC Home's Exterior

Because blue is a soothing color that is easy on the eyes and features strongly in traditional architecture as well as in the cool tones of bluestone used in many older and more modern buildings, this color scheme is harmonious to most neighborhoods of Falls Church and surrounding areas. At the same time, the depth of the color allows for an adventurous expression and a striking, out of the ordinary aesthetic. To complement and balance the midnight tones of the blue, white can be added to trim, door frames, window frames and other outdoor features. This color scheme goes well with dark or gray slate and cobblestone hardscaping as well as the bluestone previously mentioned.

Light gray and white

For a safer approach, light gray and white is an excellent choice. Either color can be used for trim, with gray walls and white trim being more subtle and less likely to show up dirt, and white walls and gray trim being brighter and airier. In both cases, a strong roof color is necessary to prevent the exterior from appearing washed out. A dark red, brown or slate roof provides the perfect contrast for bringing this color scheme together.  

Dark brown, tan and white

To create the perception of depth different shades of brown can be used for various facets. Beige and light brown, for example, can be used for this effect. Alternatively, beige can be used for walls with white trim and dark brown can be saved for additional pieces in order to provide contrast and help the colors to stand out. This color scheme is sure to add warmth to a home’s exterior and goes well with the light brown of sandstone or flagstone hardscaping or veneer.

Beige, charcoal and dark green

Many people disregard green as an exterior choice because it can be quite overbearing if the wrong shade is chosen or if the color covers too much surface area, however used in conjunction with balancing colors or as an accent, it can invoke an old European or woodsy feel. Used in conjunction with a dark charcoal as a base and beige for light/dark balance, a dark green in an exterior color scheme can be both restful and welcoming. This color scheme works well with wood and stone facade details and front yard accents.