7 Interior Color Trends to Take into the New Year

Sophistication and reserved elegance are the keywords for the emerging color trends set to carry through into the new year. Here are some popular choices we’ve put together to help you decide on the color scheme for your Fairfax County, VA home’s new look of 2017.

Gentle Yellow

A palette of soft dusted yellow, white and light gray is subtle and easy on the eye, while providing gentle warmth and visual depth to an interior. White trim and light gray walls are already a popular choice. With the addition of soft yellow feature walls or furnishings, the colors interact to create a muted vibrance and sunny appeal. Other colors can be used to complement this trio and tweak the mood of different rooms. A soft pink and the light brown of wooden floors or furnishings create additional character and warmth. The light brown of beech or oak floors go well with this color scheme, however darker colors can also be used to provide a strong, but not overwhelming floor surface.  

Twilight Blue

Although blue is considered a cool color, the twilight blue palette is far from cold. With twilight blue walls coming through firmly, the color is softened by white accents with the warmth of light brown wooden flooring creating the visual effect of beach and ocean. Additionally, bold green features or decorative house plants pop out against this soothing natural color scheme. Deep colors are becoming increasingly popular, lending a sense of intimacy and comfort to a room. In larger rooms, deep colored walls can be used to close the cool and airy effect of the excess space.

Bold Aqua

Black or dark stained wooden furnishings, floors and features form the anchor of this naturalistic color scheme, while aqua green walls and white trim provide light and color. Warmth can be added with the addition of caramel or brass accents. The effect of this color scheme is both bold and soothing, while remaining elegant. This color scheme works well for a vintage 50’s look, but can also be applied to an adventurous take on contemporary styles.  

Dark Charcoal

Dark gray and polished wooden surfaces lend this color scheme a composed masculinity, making it ideal for studies and dens. Brass or ocher accents and brick red furnishings contribute warmth, ensuring that the coolness of the gray does not overwhelm. To further soften the coolness of the dark gray, a satin or eggshell finish can be used to create silky walls with the luxurious aesthetic of black velvet. Antique furnishings can be given a fresh backdrop with this generally modern color scheme.  

7 Interior Color Trends to Take into the New Year Fairfax County, VA

Warm Gray

Muted gray walls have seen a growing popularity over the past few years with no sign of slowing down into 2017. Used as a backdrop to bolder, warmer colors, gray creates a balanced, tempered aesthetic. Black trim and bold yellow features are softened by the cooler walls, while steel gray can be introduced to complement the muted gray walls and further subdue brighter accents. Brick red and rich burgundy adds additional warmth while anchoring the lightness of the walls.