Professional Painting Advice: What should I do with my ceiling?

The ceiling is an often forgotten element of interior design, however it can contribute just as much to a room as quality flooring or eye catching feature walls. Here we’ll look at some of the color and style options for creating a unique look and mood for your Woodley Park home.

Professional Painting Advice: What should I do with my Woodley Park ceiling?

Classic white

You can’t go wrong with the tried and tested classic white ceiling. For the cautious, the traditional, or the minimalist, a white ceiling provides a clean, pure look that doesn’t draw attention to itself. A white ceiling is perhaps most often depended on because of its ability to add visual height to any room and illicit a feeling of airy openness. White is also a safe bet for keeping the decor options of your home open and removing the worry of clashing colors once decorative features are in place. A white ceiling is easily anchored with almost any type of floor and wall color.

Light colors

Off-white shades, such as cream, light gray and other soft colors, can add a touch of personality without being too overpowering. Although any kind of coloring will limit further decorative options, if well-coordinated, a ceiling with a touch of color can bring out the colors of furnishings and decorative features. Gentle blushes can also be introduced to the color of a ceiling in order to introduce a mood of warmth and comfort to a room, particularly one that is large, airy and perhaps a little cold otherwise.

Dark colors

Many people shy away from dark colored ceilings, often due to the fear that will make a room feel small or dark. If not done with the consideration of natural lighting levels, the size of the room or other aesthetic elements, dark ceilings can indeed be overbearing. However, in large rooms a dark ceiling can enclose the space and introduce a feeling of snugness, luxury and tranquility. Deep blues, purples and charcoals are ideal options for the adventurous. A dark wood or matching color floor can help anchor a dark ceiling to prevent a room from appearing top-heavy.


A wide variety of styles are available for wooden ceilings, ranging from plywood slats to panelling to custom designs. With so many colors of stain available, there are almost as many color options as there are when deciding to paint. While the color theory remains the same when selecting the tone of wood stain, wood ceilings have one thing that painted ceilings do not - the rich natural texture of wood. While dark wood ceilings can be used to create a rustic, log cabin atmosphere, many modern interior designs embrace light stained wood as a means to create visual interest while maintaining a clean and functional aesthetic.

Two-tone ceiling color schemes

For additional variation, two complementary colors can be used on a single ceiling. While this is often achieved by painting trim or molding a different color from the ceiling in order to highlight decorative designs, a smooth ceiling can also be adorned with two different colors as well for a creative effect. Borders, bands and stripes can be created using paint alone to create a ceiling that draws the eye upwards and contributes to an interesting interior design.