5 Winter Color Schemes for your Great Falls, Virginia Home

5 Winter Color Schemes for your Great Falls, Virginia Home

If you’re considering an end of year makeover for your home, we’ve selected a special assortment of palettes just for you. Keeping with the trends of this year’s popular color schemes, these choices offer a simple, stylish and elegant look, tweaked to provide an ambiance of decadent comfort over the winter months.

Soft Blushes

A palette of champagne pink and soft hints of rose creates an elegant, feminine ambiance that can be used to complement shabby chic, arts and crafts and French interior design styles. The subtlety of the palette ensures that the pink does not become excessive, remaining subdued while contributing visual warmth. A soft, pastel green can be used here to bring out your trim and other features while adding contrast. A palette of soft blushes can be used anywhere in the home, particularly in dining rooms and bedrooms where a feminine touch is desired.

Winter Warmth

If creating a bright winter atmosphere is your aim, this warm palette offers a respite from the chilly outdoors. Soft cream walls offer a gentle base for this color scheme with burgundy red features allowing for some weight and intensity. The addition of amber or ocher yellow to this color scheme unites the cream and burgundy and creates a bright and cheery ambiance, perfect for kitchens and family rooms. This palette is specifically designed to model the visual warmth of a log fire, providing the perfect backdrop to the season’s festivities while remaining fashionable all year round.

Cozy Mocha

Light mocha brown walls and white trim are an excellent complement to the rich browns of wooden flooring. Alternatively, a dark brown can be added to the palette to bring out the warmth of the walls. Subtle and sophisticated, this palette has seen increasing popularity over 2016 with no sign of slowing down in the New Year. Mocha tones are complementary to a range of interior design styles including modern, Zen and traditional themes. Living rooms, hallways and bedrooms with wooden furniture will benefit most from this color scheme, as will rooms with white minimalist furnishings and surfaces. In kitchens, this color scheme works well with marble countertops, and dark hickory or mahogany cabinetry.

Deep Comfort

A palette of deep, warm colors inspires a sense of intimacy and comfort, giving your walls a certain emphasis while avoiding the overbearing weight of cooler colors. Maroon and burgundy work together to create visual depth, dominating this high intensity color scheme, with amber and golden amber touches providing brightness. Teal accents can be used to add just a touch of contrast to bring out the warmth of the dominant colors, while a light grey/silver can be used to neutralize and balance the palette's intensity.

Arctic Sunset

This color schemes embraces the cool colors of winter while balancing them with the warmer tones of sunset. It features a pastel charcoal on the cool end, balanced by champagne pink and cream. A dark pastel blue or turquoise can also be added for additional detail and to provide richer coloring. Again, an excellent color scheme for the shabby chic and French styles, with the addition of more masculine undertones than a palette consisting exclusively of blushes.