Top Painting Trends For Your Washington DC Home

choosing paint colors for your home walls in washington DC

If you’re looking for a new look for your interiors (or even exteriors), then we have our top painting trends to help you pick the palette for your home’s new look.

1. Whites

Layered whites, with hints of pink and yellow have taken the forefront this year. A gentle layered palette creates the visual effect of depth and dimensionality, particularly in rooms consisting of a large number of different surfaces. With a focus on warmer shades, a room can be given a sunny personality without being overpowering. A simple color scheme of nudes and blushes can create both elegant and surprising color combinations while remaining subtle. Meanwhile plain white remains a classic in keeping with the modern style of clean, pure living spaces and an emphasis on simplicity.

2. Vibrant Rio

With the excitement of this year’s Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, it’s not surprising that vibrant colors like yellows, reds, and purples have found their place in the color trends. In keeping with the festive atmosphere, these colors bring a lively and exciting social atmosphere to any living space. These colors can be used to create bold contrasts or be used in conjunction with white to emphasize the clean lines of a modern home. If subtlety is more your style, used as feature walls or accents, these colors can contribute their vibrancy without becoming overwhelming. While the games may be over, this color scheme promises to be around for a while yet. 

3. Deep Hues

Deep blues, lilacs, violet, and teal have become popular with an emphasis on crisp white borders, clean lines, and contrast. Rooms featuring these colors often have a subtle futuristic feel, and while they work well with the modern contemporary architectural style, they strike an interesting balance between past and future when coupled with more historical architectural and decorative styles. This juxtaposition between old and new has been attributed to the rise of the Gothic Romance in cinema. The depth of these colors is certainly dramatic, but can be softened with the use of brighter accents and warmly colored furniture.

4. Shades of brown

Masculine shades of mocha brown and mahogany have become popular with the return to the earthy autumn colors of the seventies, the integration of the steampunk subculture into mainstream cinema, fashion and design, and the continued rise of café culture. Brown signifies strength, reliability as well as a return to nature and authenticity. Color schemes including browns are often juxtaposed with orange or black to make a bold visual statement, while softer shades bring warmth to a predominantly white or grey room. The cappuccino white and mocha brown combination has also become a popular color scheme in modern homes.


5. Pastel Colors

Pastel colors remain a popular and versatile choice after their re-emergence in recent years. A revival of 50’s style fashion and household appliances has seen pastels being reintroduced into modern American homes. Reminiscent of quaint malt shops and cake stores, the pastel palette is no longer limited to baby pinks and blues, but instead features a wide range of colors for new and interesting combinations. Pastels are both soothing and colorful, and can be used to create depth while softening bold patterns and bright accents. Used in conjunction with other pastel hues, they create a fun and playful environment, but can also be paired with muted neutrals for a more sophisticated look.