5 Classic Remodeling Ideas from an Experienced Home Improvement Company

Remodeling is always exciting for homeowners, opening up new possibilities and helping you see your home with fresh eyes. Of course, every remodel shouldn’t just be a change - it should also be an improvement. Before you have your U Street Corridor, WA home remodeled, check out these tips to enhance your spaces and improve your home’s aesthetic.

Go for wooden floors

Showcasing high grade lumber and quality wooden flooring is an excellent way to introduce visual warmth, texture and detail to the rooms of your home. Dark wooden flooring is also an ideal visual anchor for light color schemes and white walls. Different color stains for your flooring can drastically transform the mood of a room, with dark stains associated with modern designs and a masculine feel, red tints offering warmth, and pale stains contributing to a soft, comforting mood.

5 Classic Remodelling Ideas from an Experienced U Street Corridor, Washington Home Improvement Company

White trim for a clean look

Although it may be tempting to experiment with various shades for your trim, you can’t go wrong with classic white. White walls coupled with white trim are not without variation. Let the trim itself contribute lines of light and shadow. If further variation is desired, a different finish can be used. With light colored walls - baby blue, cream, light grey etc. - white trim emphasizes the light quality of the room, contributes to visual depth and increases the impression of space. Walls painted dark colors are complemented with white trim, with the white balancing the dark, preventing it from becoming overwhelming.

Introduce color with accent walls

Accent walls are ideal for introducing color to a space, creating visual interest and adding artistic flair. They’re also a great opportunity to test out a color before applying it to every wall of a house. This allows you to see how the color responds to the lighting conditions of your home and trial it for a few days or weeks before making a full commitment. The best part about an accent wall is that it allows you to really go wild with color without it becoming completely overwhelming and drowning out the subtlety of the other colors in your color scheme.


Drywalling for creating spaces

Drywalling is a cost effective and relatively speedy means of erecting interior walls. This can be used to create smaller spaces from larger rooms, or to make more efficient use of space allocation. Another advantage of drywalling is that although it’s durable, it is also easily removed when future renovation plans call for something different. For homeowners who enjoy regular change in their home’s layout, or for those looking to save money with current or future remodeling plans, drywalling is certainly an excellent option.


Create focal points

Too many decorative details competing for attention can create visual clutter and reduce the impact of each individual piece. Instead, selecting one or two features to act as focal points for each room will help to maintain an impactful and effective layout and sense of unity within your rooms. These can include feature walls, a particular piece of furniture, an eye catching artwork or an architectural element. Whatever the case, less is definitely more when it comes to focal points - the fewer competing for attention in each space, the better.