6 Points to Discuss with Your Painting Company (before the big day)

preparing your washington dc home for painting with a professional painting company

If you’re looking to have your Washington DC interiors painted, we're to help you prepare! Well in advance of the start day, make sure to discuss key points with your painting company to help ensure you get a professional final result that you've been dreaming of.

1. Furniture placement

Always talk with your painting company about the proper placement of furniture. Ideally, all furniture should be stored somewhere safe and out of the way before the paintings begin. If making your home a furniture free zone for the duration of your painting is not possible, discuss ideas for proper and safe furniture placement with your professional painter. They'll have some expert tips. Depending on your agreement, the company can even be responsible for this furniture placement, so be sure to ask for help, if you need it, ahead of time!

2. Keeping floors covered

Professional painting companies will never leave any paint drippings after their work is done. There shouldn't be any evidence of recently painted work (except of course the beautiful painted wall, ceiling, etc.). Depending on what you're having painted, your floors may need protection. Your painting company will handle this (and if you're not using us, you should ask to make sure!).

3. Built-ins, paintings, and other wall hangings

Everything, even hangings that are semi-permanently screwed into the wall, such as old clocks, bolted bookshelves and mirrors, should be taken down. Built-ins and other non-removable items should be points of discussion with your painting company. For example, are you looking for the built-in to blend it or stand out? Cover all the basics to make sure you get exactly what you want.

4. Plugs and switch covers

As with paintings and wall hangings, these are best removed. Typically, a professional painter will do this as part of the overall preparation before they start painting. And if you prefer to remove these yourself, do so ahead of their arrival and definitely talk to the painting company to confirm that you can remove these yourself. 

5. Cracks and small holes

Usually included in a painting agreement, scraping away any loose or peeling paint and filling up any cracks and small holes that you may have in your walls make for a flawless finish. Talk to your painting company about making sure this is part of the work they'll be doing.

6. When it's all done..

Not all painting companies use safe and environmentally friendly paint. What does this mean to you? If you have children or pets, you may need to make sure that any residual smells are gone well before the kids or furry animals return. Be sure to ask about the safety and drying time so that you can plan ahead with your family.